Established in 1940, Terenure College Rugby Football Club is a community club in the heart of Terenure. We would like to extend an invitation to anyone who wishes to become a member or a volunteer.

If you are interested in playing rugby, Terenure College RFC always welcomes new players. We have teams at every level of ability and age. We also have our Terenure Tigers, for those players with special needs but who still love the idea of being part of a team. We have a team for everyone, regardless of ability, so come down and see what’s on offer!


Why play rugby?

The main reason to play rugby is that it is fun! It is an enjoyable game that helps you keep fit, build strength and form new friendships. It is a game with a place for everyone – all shapes, sizes and abilities. 

It is also a sport founded on respect, for yourself, your teammates, the opposition and most importantly the referee. 

Playing rugby to win with style has long been the Terenure Vision. Our rugby is played with passion and we have carried on the tradition, laid down by the founding members of the Club, that rugby should be played by a team playing to their highest ability and based on teamwork rather than individual stardom.

In Terenure, we have state of the art facilities, including an All Weather pitch so games and training can always go ahead, two floodlit pitches, modern changing rooms for women and children, and an indoor facility for the rainiest of days. We also have a lounge and bar to relax in after matches.

Philosophy & Style of Play

Our style is pragmatic with a conservative yet aggressive approach when we are in the red zone. We encourage our teams to be more ambitious as we move up the field. We strive for good interplay between backs and forwards using our high skills to play a high tempo, high octane, off-loading style which allows us to apply pressure to the opposition and capitalise on any mistakes and miss-matches.

Our Mission & Vision

Above all, we want our Club to be a vibrant part of our local Community of which our neighbours and past members are proud to be involved as members and supporters

Our Club mission is to provide a rugby environment which caters for all, from four-year old boys and girls who can learn the enjoyment and skills of our great team game and can graduate to play in competitions at the highest level of their ability, for their Club, Province or their Country. We want our players to enjoy the lifelong experience of amateur rugby and to play to their highest capability, whilst always enjoying the experience, and demonstrating at all times the respect, integrity and teamwork which are the hallmarks of the game.

We want our Coaches, Managers and mentors to contribute their best efforts to the development of all players within the Club to their optimum capacity, whatever their level of ability. We want all our players, Coaches and Managers to foster the traditional respect for match officials and their opponents

We want our members to be involved in the development of the Club, on and off the pitch, and to contribute to the continued development of a community involvement in everything we do within our Club.

We want our members to volunteer their skills and expertise to the effective and efficient running of the Club and to always making it a place of sporting enjoyment and welcome, run in a business-like manner.

Above all, we want our Club to be a vibrant part of our local Community of which our neighbours and past members are proud to be involved as members and supporters


Our Club Policy 

To help us provide the best environment for all our players, we have a comprehensive set of club policies, all based on guidance from our governing bodies and best practice. 

These include:


Health and Safety


Child Protection 


Club Sponsors