Terenure College RFC Development Presentation


There was a great turnout in the ballroom in Lakelands for the Development Committee Presentation to Members. More than 120 Club Members gathered to hear a number of presentations focused on the facilities the Club is hoping to develop but themed around building a Club for All.

In Harrison Brewers absence, the evening was opened by Steven O’Neill who referenced the success the club has ad in recent years and the opportunity to use our current success to propel the Club forward to greater things in the future. The evening was managed by Conor Kavanagh, (Genesis Consulting) a mini’s parent and coach who introduced the historical connections between Terenure College and the rugby club.

This was followed by Niall Hogan presenting his recollection of a journey of nearly 50 years from junior school in Terenure College to joining the Club around 1990 at the time formation of the AIL. He gave us a real Terenure man’s perspective of how the club has changed and evolved over the decades, maintain some of the great qualities the club has historical had but benefitting hugely now from broadening of the club base and inclusivity which mini’s , girls and Tigers have brought to Lakelands. Niall referenced the last great development project, Vision 2020, and the great boost which that had brought not just to the club but to the local area and community.

Donal Hyland took the meeting through a video and architect’s impressions of the physical improvements the Club hopes to make in Lakelands:
A substantial gym for all members
Treatment rooms
A re-orientated and larger bar opening out onto the main pitch.
A Café/Coffee Shop opening out onto the main pitch.
Outdoor seating and social areas
Refurbished dressing rooms designed to the latest inclusivity standards.
New terracing and stand (to be commenced in Summer’24)
Everything will be done with a long-term focus on environmental and financial sustainability.
Consultations with residents and stakeholders will be conducted in the near future and a Planning Application will be submitted in the next couple of months with construction expected to start in May’25 and the project completed for season 26/27 in August 2026.

A really good Q&A followed where members got to ask loads of questions about different aspects of the Development. There was some disappointment that we couldn’t extend the function room and kitchen during this phase of the project due to Budget constraints. Members also appeared to take a great interest in the location of the keg room.

John Cadell presented the financials aspects of the Project and gave some background on the Immigrant Investor Programme.

The total budget for the project is €3m made up of:
IIP Funding €2.8m – €1.6m has been received as at 21/02/24.
Sports Capital Grants(Lotto) €0.1m – on completion
IRFU Inclusivity €0.1m – on completion
Total €3.0m
As agreed at the EGM to approve the Project, the development should not increase Club debt.

The IIP programme incurs costs and expenses of 15% or €420,000 which the club must raise from its own resources. IIP funds can only be used for Capital Expenditure in line with the approved Plan submitted to the Department of Justice and Equality.

To the date the Development Committee has raised approximately €100,000 in a soft fundraising campaign from 30-40 members and the generosity of those members was specifically mentioned on the night.

This leaves a fundraising requirement of €320,00 which is likely to fall due as follows:
€60,000 by mid-March
€140,000 by June ’24
€120,000 by October’24
€320,000 Total

If the Club cannot raise these funds, then the Donors funds will be returned and the funds reallocated to other qualifying IIP projects.

Fundraising is being run through a Buy a Brick scheme and a Members Donation option.

Those who purchase a Brick will have their name engraved on a permanent specially commissioned wall in the new development.

Individuals, families, groups, teams, classes can buy a brick for €1,000.
The brick can be paid for in a single payment or in multiple payments (up to 20)

Corporates can buy a brick for €5,000.
It can also be paid for in a single payment or over two years.


The Club understands that not all members can afford €1,000 so the club also wants to invite members to contribute smaller amounts to the Development Project and a special web link/QR code was launched by the marketing team on the night.


Any individual who Buys a Brick or donates €250 can further support the club by up to 60% by completing a tax form.

A short Q&A followed, and members adjourned for some refreshments.

The generosity of a number of members who contributed/committed to contributions on the night is really appreciated given the urgency of the fundraising.

If anyone would like to discuss the Development Project of donate, please contact:
Donal Hyland 086 2523723
John Cadell 087 6682145
Paul Candon 086 8376844
Paddy Fitzmaurice 087 2635402

The Committee would like to thank all of those who contributed significantly to the preparation for and the presentation on the night:

Conor Kavanagh (Genesis Consulting)
Niall Hogan
Caroline Kennedy (Indian Field Print and Design )
Cormac O Kelly (Website & Digital Comms)
Eamonn Clarke (photographer)
Harrison Brewer
Steven O Neill

For those unable to attend, the information flyer from the night is available here to view or download.

Information Flyer

Club Hub
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