Welcome all to Lakelands Park. It is my pleasure to meet home and away supporters, match officials and neutrals (if there are any). I hope that you enjoy your time spent here, be it playing, watching or socialising. The Terenure community take pride in being friendly to all, particularly off the field of play.
For me to be Club Captain is an immense honour. My family have been linked with Terenure for over 60 years, with my late Uncle Eddie first in the door and quite often the last out also. My Dad, uncles, cousins and brothers have all worn the Terenure colours so it is a privilege for me to continue the family tradition.
I would like to think when our team takes the field we will be representing not just ourselves and our families but the wider Terenure community, the players, coaches, managers, bagmen and officials. Along with these people are our mini and youth players, our Terenure Tigers and all the many volunteers who keep this vibrant community alive.
It is hugely significant for me to be nominated as Captain this year as it is alongside the election of Paul Murphy as President. Paul was my first coach here in Terenure as a 6 year old with the minis. I am forever grateful for the wonderful experience he provided to me and the many peers I still play alongside today. Paul is most deserving to be elected President for the thousands of hours he has given to the club. We will strive on the pitch to mirror Murph’s level of commitment! Thank you to the President and Committee for all they provide for us as players.
Huge gratitude is due to our generous sponsors, Mr David Bobbett at H&K International, Sherry Fitzgerald, Gant and Dundrum Town Centre. Without their kind support Terenure rugby would struggle to maintain high standards.
This year welcomes lots of fresh faces in our management team but I would first like to thank those who have departed us. To James Blaney who gave many years of service to the club as a player and coach, we wish him the very best of luck in his new role with Blackrock College RFC. Massive thanks to Tom Moloney who was ever present in the 1st XV changing room over the years as Manager and President. A true gentleman who looked after our every needs. I hope he enjoys his extra family time that he deserves. Thanks are also due to Mick Melia who led the team so well last year and never lost faith when times were tough. I am lucky to still have him by my side this year.
I would like to welcome our new coaches Sean Skehan, Simon Malone and Alex Dunlop who have already shown a huge amount of commitment and expertise. Our new members of the management team Brian Elliott and Harry Moore who are as many of you know familiar faces in Lakelands. And finally Mark Hamilton, Conor Gildea, Peter Shaw, Chris Byrne and Ian Morley who I am pleased to say will be continuing their roles from last year.
I would like to make a special mention to our very own Dr Billy Twomey. His level of expertise, commitment and generosity to both club and school is personified through the hour he spent last year on a Saturday night stitching my eyebrow back together, with a Chinese takeaway waiting at home! This is but one example of hundreds. I am forever grateful for his service and Terenure are blessed to have him. Finally, I look forward to seeing you all in Lakelands this year for what promises to be an exciting season. We hope we represent the jersey well and add value to our great club.

Yours in rugby,
Patrick Thornton