Darkness Into Light everyday for the month of May. That’s what Charlie did and raised a small fortune in doing so.

Local and hero and Under 20s club member, Charlie Harpur followed the ‘run 5 nominate 5 donate 5’ on Instagram with something more difficult and also lucrative for Pieta House too. For the month of May 2020, Charlie rose before dawn and ran more than 10 kilometres, usually in less than an hour each time and just in time to see the sunrise.

Charlie started a Go Fund Me page for people to support his efforts and also donate to a very worthy cause, Pieta House at the same time. He He took counsel from friends and family to set a goal on the page. His mates suggested €5,000 but Charlie had doubts of attaining that and settled on the conservative sum of €500. That turned out to be very conservative because even before Charlie started running for Pieta, the page as at nearly €8,000 as word spread of the challenge he was undertaking. He began his running and the money started rolling in. At time of publishing this article, Charlies efforts have raised over €14,000.

To hear all about it, you can watch this interview with Charlie talking all about it.

A terrific effort and well done Charlie for doing it.