Legends Series - James Blaney

Next up certainly needs no introduction, the legend, Kevin Putt!

Currently Living: Auckland, NZ

Years playing with TCRFC: 1990 -1992 (2 seasons) & 2000-2002 (2 seasons)

Position: Halfback (1990-92) / Player-Coach (2000-02)

Most Memorable Game: vs Bangor 1990 season in the North, for all the wrong reasons. A major storm meant passing and kicking were near impossible, but we somehow fought-out a win – with big John getting Hypothermia, hot ports in the shower…I couldn’t believe that this was Irish rugby…it got better of course!

Greatest TCRFC Memory: Apart from winning the Senior Cup in 2000, it was the stupid attempt to stay pint-for-pint on Guinness with Liam O’Dea after an away train trip to Cork. After 8 pints in a little over an hour, Liam put me in the boot of his car and we drove to Lakelands. He carried on drinking – legend!!!!
Another great memory was beating Young Munster in the AIL at Lakelands with Richie scoring the winning try after we did the old fake-shot-at-goal routine of pointing to the posts and telling the ref we were going to run the ball. Gullible Young Munster, Classic!

Favourite Teammate: Multiple, any forward who looks after the halfback is ‘gold’ in my book. Mark ‘Longa’ Long comes to mind, though Brendan Clarke did show me the ropes of Dublin!

Most Annoying Teammate: Strangely, no one comes to mind. I could name a few referee’s though!

Best player played with: In Terenure: Hebser, Cullie, Hoggie and Girvan come to mind…in the forwards, hard to find talent in any forward pack, they work as a unit! 

Current Occupation: School teacher and Boarding Housemaster at King’s College, NZ.

Legends Series - James Blaney
Legends Series - James Blaney
Legends Series - James Blaney