Legends Series - James Blaney

Currently Living: Brittas Co. Dublin.

Years playing with TCRFC: 1997 to 2007 & then a brief swansong in 2016.

Position: 2nd row. Never got asked to play anywhere else!

Most Memorable Game:
Dungannon at home in c2000. 20 points down with 20 minutes to go. Take the lead with about 3 minutes left only to concede a soft try but come back to snatch a win at the death.

Greatest TCRFC Memory:
J1 in 98/99 with Joe Kelly as coach and Pedro as captain when we were undefeated and played some great rugby. Also 2006 (I think) when we went undefeated with James Blaney as coach!

Favourite Teammate:
So many great teammates to mention like Peter O’Malley, Cully, Steve Nolan, Maho, John Coffey, Hego, the Barretto’s, Mikey Smyth, Derm Blaney, Brian Moroney, Paul Egan.

Most Annoying Teammate:
Cormac Long –  tackling was an optional part of the game in his eyes!

Best player played with:
Eric Miller,  Kevin Putt.

Current Occupation:
Financial controller for CIS. Working under my former team manager and former club president (& legend) Tom Moloney.

Legends Series - James Blaney
Legends Series - James Blaney
Legends Series - James Blaney