We Are Back – Mini & Youth Rugby Returns!

Between Tigers, Girls, Minis and Youth, the Club saw over 600 youngsters out training last Sunday. The under 6s took the record with over a 100. Can we please reiterate to all groups that, it is only Coaches and Tigers parents allowed use the Club car-park. Everyone was very obliging of this last Sunday and it seemed to work well. Paul ‘Chips’ Melia has had a lot of emails and inquiries from parents wanting to register their kids, so in order to facilitate that, Conal and Chips will be on hand to get the kids registered and will be considerate of the fact it is very late in the season.

Attached is a revised training schedule for Minis and Youths till the end of the season, which we are extending until mid June. Thank you so much for your patience but finally it’s so great to get boots on the pitch again!

As you can see, all teams now have the option of training twice a week. We have also included a provisional end of season training session and medal ceremony (Covid protocol allowing ) for each team. Please feel free to contact Chips on (087) 269 5007 directly for clarification on anything. Aoife O’Grady, the Clubs COVID officer will also be arranging a meeting with coaches / Covid Officers with the new protocol procedures.

You can download a copy of the training schedule by clicking the button below, print it and stick on the fridge!

Download The Schedule

Welcome back! It’s been too long.