OK! The evenings are getting longer and the temperatures are getting warmer. It’s time to get off the Playstation or the Xbox and get on this. The mini coaches have been hard at work coming up with a daily challenge for the month of March.

So from Monday March 1st, to keep your rugby fitness up, they have put together a fun daily challenge for all the Terenure College RFC mini players to take part in. No moaning now, there are REST days too!

So with a little help from Mum and Dad, the club would like you to get any homeschooling done, any homework done and then get out and do your daily exercise as per the sheet for the month of March. Lockdown is tough but with this to help fill some of your day and get your body moving again, it means you will be at peak fitness, just in time, when rugby returns.

Now, get Mum or Dad to click on the link below to open/download and print a PDF of the monthly exercise plan – please help them download and print it if they are having a bit of trouble with the tech!

Even better, get Mum or Dad to join you so you can show them how it is done and get them fit too! If you want to show how well you are doing, take a picture of you doing some of the exercises and post it to Instagram using the hashtag #march4minis
We’ll share the best ones on the club instagram account. Your coaches will be watching!!!

OK, enough chatter! Get this downloaded and stuck on the fridge NOW! Let’s Do This Minis!!!!!