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The Travel Expert sponsors Terenure College RFC
The Digital Space Company


The Digital Space Company


Name: Cormac O’Kelly

Company: The Digital Space Company

Location: Online / Rathfarnham

Services provided: Digital Marketing Agency

Reason for Supporting Terenure College RFC:

I went to the college and then the club afterwards. I became more involved then when my son started playing minis and youth and subsequently I have been dragged in deeper! I commented in passing to then President Cathal O’Leary how poor the website was and in his own inimitable way he said ‘Well, why don’t you go and so something about it” – so I did.

So whilst I don’t have hoarding or any visible presence around the club grounds, I maintain the Club website and handle all the social media across the platforms. So between matches, minis, events and all the other bits and pieces, that keeps nearly as busy as the paying clients that I have!

The Website: The Digital Space Co.

What We Do:

In a nutshell, The Digital Space Company provides digital services to clients looking to grow their business. The services include website design that are both optimised for all devices and for Google too.

We provide website design services, building on the WordPress platform, which makes up over one quarter of all the websites on the internet. This combined with one of the most popular themes on WordPress, we design and build websites with functionality.

They can be as simple as a brochure website optimised for mobile where potential customers can call you directly from all the way up to a website that can sell your product or service 24 hours a day.

We combine this with digital marketing to get the website ‘out there’ and in front of people using highly defined audience targeting. This means that if you wish to put your business in front of a specific type of person, we can define that audience for you and only show that ad to them. This means you are advertising to those already potentially interested in your product or service.

If you are a mortgage broker interested advertising to young couples, recently engaged within a certain age range, we can do that for you.

Alternatively if you wish to target fitness fanatics with the latest gym wear. New mothers with the latest buggies. Middle aged couples with financial planning.We can do that through the internet using data from Facebook, Google, YouTube and Instagram.

Its hard to believe, but entirely possible. Also it is very cost efficient, more so than TV, Radio or Print media.

We help you fish where the fish are!